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I'm Stuart, private yoga instructor and health coach. I am your partner in improving your overall well-being.

I thank my mom for introducing me to yoga – taking me to my first class when I was barely a teenager. And also thanks to my mom, I always understood yoga as an important self-care method, even though I didn’t develop my own personal practice until years later.

I know what it’s like when life gets out of control, to feel under water, to forget to breathe. Brierre Yoga was born after I worked nearly a decade as a political consultant where I rolled with the highs and lows of every exciting election. I learned pretty quickly that I couldn’t serve my clients effectively if I wasn’t first taking care of myself. And it wasn't just my work product that would suffer – relationships with family and friends were affected if I wasn’t meeting my own needs. So when it came time to shift professional gears, I focused on yoga: the method that helped me control my internal environment when my external environment was a rollercoaster.

My custom private yoga instruction offers convenience, accountability, and support, seeking to maximize your yoga experience so that you can be a more effective person. I come to you, guiding you through tailored sequences, safely meeting you where you are, and addressing the wellness goals set at our initial consultation. Learn more about private yoga here.

Soon after launching Brierre Yoga, it became clear that my clients had other needs too - and looked to me as a resource for their wellness concerns both on and off the mat. Enter holistic health coaching.

My approach to health coaching is simple and similar: customized for you, and unique - just like you. I work closely with my clients to support them as they incorporate positive food and lifestyle changes to make goals achievable, and results accessible. Learn more about my health coaching here.

I specialize in custom yoga and private health coaching because regardless of the industry, I believe in the impact of the one-on-one connection. I have years of experience in boutique settings – from retail to political, and now yoga and health. Since the start of Brierre Yoga, I have seen first-hand how effective the customization experience can be in helping people realize their full health potential from the inside out.

Maybe you’re next.

Training and education

  • 200-Hour Holistic Hatha Yoga Certification from Pure Prana Yoga Studio
  • Therapeutic Yoga Certification with Arturo Peal and Cheri Clampett
  • Prenatal Yoga Training from Mind the Mat Yoga Studio
  • Holistic health coaching, Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Attended workshops led by, continually draw inspiration from, and lucky to have been a student of some wonderful teachers, including Natasha Hennesy, Jennifer O’Sullivan, Jane Bahneman, Brittanie DeChino, Kelly Newsome, Francesco Cervero, Arturo Peal, Cheri Clampett, Max Strom, Mariska Breland, and so many others.
  • A decade devoted to taking care of others as a political consultant, assistant to various DC decision-makers, and numerous staffer roles in the DC area
  • B.A. from Miami University of Ohio

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Why private yoga?

Convenience – I bring the studio to your home or office so that you keep the extra hour otherwise spent rushing to and from a yoga class.

Accountability – There’s no shame here – I help you stay on track with your yoga practice and wellness goals.

Customization – Everything from the yoga sequences to the music is tailored to your preferences and needs to meet you where you are and create a custom experience.

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Who are your clients?

I work with busy people whose full lives and goals for better overall health are hard to reconcile with a yoga studio schedule – helping them apply the same focus and dedication to their longterm well-being that they apply to their careers and families. I offer support and accountability for those ready to take their health to the next level so that they can be more effective people everywhere else.

What does a yoga membership entail?

Sessions are sold in membership packages of ten, allowing for a reduced rate and spanning a 12-week time frame. Interested? Inquire here.

As my membership client, in addition to customized yoga sequences tailored for you and your preferences, you also have access to me outside of our hour-long sessions via email for questions, follow-up, or support. Beyond that, with each session you have access to high-end yoga props as needed, and special treats along the way.

Tell me more about health coaching.

Changing your habits can be hard – and it’s helpful to have a knowledgeable person close by to encourage your efforts, hold you accountable, and keep you on track. That’s where I come in. I am your partner, ally, and guide as you incorporate healthy changes into your diet and lifestyle.

Health coaching memberships are sold in packages of six 50-minute sessions that span three months, meeting every two weeks by phone. Before committing, however, the process starts with a free initial consultation where we identify and discuss your goals, and decide if we’re a good fit. Inquire here for your free initial consultation.

What are your prices?

My prices are competitive with industry standards in Washington, DC and other major cities, and available upon request along with an explanation of my policies and practices. Inquire here.

  • "Stuart’s specialized instruction has turned what I thought to be true about yoga, completely on its head. When I met Stuart, I couldn't bend down to touch my toes. I woke up each morning achy and tight. I approached each day careful not to twist or move my body in certain ways -- always afraid that I was one step away from injury. Today, my body feels completely different. Not only can I touch my toes, but my strength, flexibility and balance are dramatically improved. As a result of working with Stuart, I no longer live in fear of my own body. Each week, I accomplish something new, physically, and it sets the tone for the rest of my day and week. It has become integral to my personal well-being. Stuart's instruction is concise and tailored to what I need. She delivers it with patience, gentle encouragement and humor. I look forward to my sessions with her each week."

    - Rosana
  • "Yoga with Stuart is my only 'me' time. With a busy life with three kids, it’s the best way for me to invest in myself and my health. Exercise for your body and mind – something we all need more of with our hectic schedules. Stuart makes it possible and creates a comfortable and non-intimidating way to practice at your own level, in your own home, and on your own schedule."

    - Liz


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